Termidor Termite Treatment Starting at $499.00

Treatment price and includes a 5 year warranty.

If termite activity has been discovered, Budget Pest Control, Inc. will customize a termite treatment plan for your home. Every home is different so there are many factors to consider: type of termites, area of infestation, type of structure and moisture conditions.

When treating for subterranean termites its necessary to treat all possible entry points. We create a treatment barrier along the perimeter of your home. This is done by drilling the attached slabs, trenching the soil, and injecting Termidor into the ground. As the termites try to get into your home they pass through the treated areas.

When treating for dry wood termites a spot treatment of the infested wood with Termidor may be all that is necessary. If there is a major infestation a full fumigation may be required.

A complete inspection is required in order to determine the type of termites and which treatment method is required.

Why Termidor?

* No other termite control system of any type has ever achieved such a high level of effectiveness.
* America’s number one termite defense with over 2 million homes treated since 2000.
* It kills termites by ingestion, contact, and the transfer effect. Meaning affected insects help spread Termidor throughout the colony before they die.
* Manages colonies up to 6 times faster than bait systems.
* Only trained Termidor professionals can apply the product

With our knowledge, treatment techniques, and effectiveness of Termidor, we can guarantee your home for an initial period of 5 years.

Termidor Termite Treatment Starting at $499.00 Treatment price and includes a 5 year warranty.



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